• The student is responsible for the care of his/her personal belongings. Expensive jewels or ornaments are totally banned and the school management takes no responsibility to their loss.
  • Money transaction is strictly prohibited among student..
  • The institution takes responsibilities for the students within the school premises, but not for any incident that takes place outside.
  • The student is forbidden to write or scribble on the walls or throw paper or ink about the class-rooms and school premises. Penalty for the damages to building , furniture, etc.., must be paid, as decided by the principal.
  • Late coming is strictly prohibited.
  • The following actions are considered sufficient reasons for the dismissal of any student.
  • Irregular attendance of any student.
  • Indulging in any kind of malpractice in test / examinations.
  • Disrespect to teachers, school authorities and school properties.
  • Students are not permitted to leave the school premises during school hours without the permission of the principal.
  • Students are allowed to converse only in English except in language classes.
  • Incase students damage any of the school properties , breakage amount will be collected.


  • A minimum attendance of 80% is required for promotion.
  • Absent without leave letter will be considered as absent only.
  • Consecutive absent for 10 days without leave letter entails removal of name from the roll.
  • If a student is absent on ground of ill health, and it exceeds 3 days, a leave letter should be sent first and a medical certificate should be submitted when the subject joins again.
  • Students affected by infectious diseases will not be permitted to attend the school till recovery.


  • Neat and perfect uniform is compulsory on all working days.
  • Prescribed dresses should be worn from Monday to Friday , for all classes from KG – XII std.
  • Sportswear with sports shoe should be worn on Wednesday.
  • Girls should white ribbons with sportswear.
  • Shoes should be maintained neatly with laces properly tied.
  • Socks should washed and changed every day.
  • Students should use the socks, Track suit, badge and school belt supplied by the school only.
  • Girls, with short hair, should have their haircut close up to shoulder level only.
  • Periodical trimming of hair and a clean shave are must for boys.
  • PLASTIC or RUBBER or FANCY shoes are not allowed.
  • Nails should be periodically cleaned and trimmed.


  • Assessment is continues and promotion to next class is purely based on the academic performance of the student, throughout the year.
  • Due weight- age is given to regular attendance and regularity in work.
  • Performance in the final examination is considered to be confirmation for the results of the year’s work.
  • RESULT ONCE DECLARED IS FINAL. It will not be reconsidered on any account.


  • Seminar classes for the students, by the students enabling them to improve their communicative skills.
  • Special class between8.00 am to 9.00 am and 4.00 pm to 6.00 pm daily.
  • Oral tests and monthly tests for classes I to V and unit tests and slip tests for classes VI to IX , help the teachers and taught  to evaluate and assimilate their days work.
  • Above everything, systematic work schedule. Periodical assessments , unbiased evaluation, regular meetings with parents and providing necessary counseling, help us to go a long way in our success.


  • All students and staff are the members of the library.
  • One book only will be issued at one time and the student is allowed to retain that for a week.
  • Cost of book will be collected if book is lost.
  • Reference books cannot be taken out of the library.
  • Library books have to be maintained neatly.
  • Marking, underlining and tearing off pages are strictly prohibited.


  • SMART CLASS – is installed to provide technology based, to make teaching more effective, information and interesting through audio visual/ interactive medium. It help the teachers in effective teaching / learning in classroom and beyond.
  • LIBRARY- a well stocked library consisting of more than 500 books and latest magazines are arranged in neatly constructed shelves and cupboards.
  • SCIENCE AND COMPUTER LABS-Separate and well equipped laboratories for different branches of science and sophisticated lab for computer science with state of the art computers are the prominent features of the laboratories.
  • TRANSPORT- This facility is provided for the students of I to XII , such students who want to utilize the services will have to pay the transport fee in advance.
  • EYE CHECK-UP – All students undergo eye check up once in a year by a team of medical experts in the field.


  • Field trip
  • Robotics, yoga, karate, dance, music, abacus, chess, drawing, painting, handwriting, language games, art &craft.


  • Parents or guardians are not allowed to interview their children or speak to the teachers during school hours. All enquires must be made at the school office.
  • Remarks made in the dairy should be seen and acknowledged regularly.


  • Application for transfer certificate should be given to the principal on or before 30th of march in writing with father’s /guardian name, signature and permanent residential address.
  • Transfer certificates will be issued only after a week from the day of the requisition.
  • The transfer certificates will be issued only after all the dues are paid.


  • Only fruits , Fresh juices, sprouts and nuts are allowed for snacks.
  • Junk foods, Bottle Juices , Bakery products are to be avoided.
  • A lunch kit comprised of towel, spoon, fork and enough water should be sent every day.
  • Lunch should be accompanied with dhall,greens and vegetables every day.
  • Do label your child’s name in all his / her belongings.


  • If your child has any specific allergy or physical illness, kindly inform to the class  teacher and the school authorities regarding the matter as soon as possible.
  • Kindly note that in case of any sickness. Immediate first aid will be provided by the school authorities.
  • In case of any emergency your child will be hospitalized locally and intimation will be sent to the parents/guardian by the quickest means.